Where to buy a laptop

Buying laptops

It's important to do your research before buying. Start with a price comparison tool, such as our compare laptop features and prices page, to track down the best deal.

Buying a laptop on the high street

The main advantage of buying your laptop from a shop is you can try out the model you're interested in and make sure you like the feel of the machine.
Features such as the keyboard and the touchpad can differ quite considerably between machines, so even if you end up buying your chosen model online, it’s worth going along to a shop to try it out first.

Buying a laptop by phone

Buying by phone can mean you can ask for advice and often get a more competitive price than from a shop. Use SayNoTo0870.com to find cheaper geographical numbers and avoid paying for expensive customer service lines.

Buying a laptop online

Online is where you'll find the real savings, but the downside is you'll have to navigate the computer jargon yourself to get a cheap laptop deal. Plus, you don't get to see your chosen model first hand.
There’s also the potential to save extra money (up to about 5%) by clicking through from a cashback website. Some manufacturers, such as Dell, used to only be available direct from their own website or by phone, but can now be purchased from high street retailers.

Customising your laptop

Many computer manufacturers let you customise the machine you want to buy, particularly if you buy online.
It can often pay to increase the spec of your computer above the bare minimum, as this might help you get a bit more life out of it. So be prepared to spend a little more, but look for your ‘sweet spot’ in terms of value for money.
If you are looking to customise your chosen machine, opt first for upgrading the Ram and the processor.
Keep an eye on costs, though, as you're sure to reach a point where to boost processing power just a tiny bit will cost you a hundred pounds or more – a high price to pay for what is likely to be a barely noticeable increase in speed.

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